martes, 18 de octubre de 2011

Veterano de IRAK increpa a la policia que reprime a los indignados en WALL STREET

Nada es todo malo o todo bueno.
Lo bueno de los indignados es que está permitiendo el despertar desde dentro de las instituciones. El veterano increpa a los policías y les grita:
"No hay ningún honor en atacar a estas personas.
Es gente normal, no tienen armas
Esto no es una guerra.
Si quieres usar tus armas vete a Irak."
Los policías impresionados no se atreven a decirle nada.
El veterano tiene una credibilidad y una fuerza arrolladora.


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  1. hi, i listened to you on Tarpley and you said that veterans presented themselves to channel the indignados towards no goals or solutions, just stupidity, to co-opt the movement.

    do you think this marine is trying to do the same thing to the Occupy Wall Street Movement?

    i was very suspicious when i saw this video the fist time, i would like to know your thoughts as you have made this connection as you did with the Tarpley interview.


  2. i think the stringpullers are inviting the army in USA and also in Greece to become de supporters and protectors of the indignados, I just posted a few videos about the fact that revolution has always led to dictatorship.
    Actually democrazy does not exist at all, Banking system is ruling the world and we are just slaves who want food, beer, sex and Baseball.... you must read Silent Weapons for quiet wars, not Chomsky's book but the original doc. it is the key doc to understand what is going on, this is a very very old story that starts after WWII in Bilderberg, Holland.
    Reality is worse than we can imagine! it is like in Matrix, are you ready because to cope with it? there is no way back. love from madrid!

  3. I think i passed the point of no return a year ago when I started listening to NoAgendaShow, then Alex Jones and watching his films, and reading Confessions of an Economic Hitman. I'll check out that book.
    Most people dont have an open mind to this material, but maybe 5% do, as a result most people in the real world think i'm crazy!

    Back to original point, i think when something is too good to be true it probably isn't, and the marine in the video above seems to have far too good a sense for drama/acting to be just some random guy. His objective seemed to be to provoke some response or bad feeling toward the police, maybe to incite via youtube. His channel and the videographers channel only sprung up a day before that happened, so i'm suspicious. Then i see him again in studio on CurrentTV or NBC wearing the same attire.

    Not sure what will happen with OWS, i'm only following it from afar, but its happening everywhere and has now become a franchise brand in many western countries. I'm in Australia and recently there were violent scenes when police broke up one of these OWS solidarity protests in Melbourne.
    The protests were co-opted by a global(ist) agenda before they even reached our shores, however that agenda is possibly far removed from what the co-opters are trying to achieve in the US.

    I'm not sure what these people here were protesting because austerity hasn't come yet. I asked a few and it seemed some of them saw Zeitgeist and think that is the solution to everything. (i do not) Most of them seem uninformed and just want to end capitalism.

    All these 'Occupy' websites sprung up out of nowhere. I think created for October 15 (some kind of Bolshevik October revolution symbolism) started it here. Adbusters has something to do with it, and i know they want a world 'Robin Hood' tax.

    In the US i think its more complicated because I believe there is more than one force at play. There are many opportunists, some competing that will use this movement for whatever. Meanwhile the hearts and minds of most of these people are like pinballs in a machine being played.

    And yes, i know what you mean about democrazy as there is only fake democracy in my country. Our government has no regard for the people and make some pretty big lies on a regular basis. They seem to be driven by foreign forces not just on our foreign policy but also on monetary policy (including taxation) now. The new banking world order seems to be closing in.

    anyway good luck in Spain!

  4. I am happy that my blog has reached australian shores!

    to make it short
    the mass are sheep
    they want easy and simple solution
    they prefer to be told what they have to do and think
    they love thinking they are fighting for freedom
    they love fairy tales
    they fear the unknown

    the manipulation consists on demostrations that provoke the police to justify repression

    to repeat the cycle:
    revolution/ dictarship/ flas democracy
    do you know David Icke?

  5. Al Anónimo australiano : prepárate para lo que se os avecina . Get ready for whats to come .